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Thumbnails, The Key to Better Painting and Drawing

Art Tip Using Thumbnails for Planning Compositions     Thumbnails are small quick sketches. These sketches aren’t to record details, forms or depth they are for planning out the elements of your compositions and designs. […]

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How-To: Quality Art Supplies for Less

Where to Buy Art Supplies and save Money Yes, that title was read correctly. While the differences aren’t colossal, the differences add up as project after project after projects require supplies. And the less you […]

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How-To: Collect Art

What to Look for When Buying Art   When buying art as an investment, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve all heard stories about people who collect art and have it […]

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Why Get Outside to Create Landscape Art?

Studying the Landscape Outdoors People did it for hundreds of years.  To learn to paint the landscape an artist went out into nature to learn to understand depth, perspective and most importantly color. This was […]

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How to Commission a Painting

Commissioning A Painting Where do You Start? What is a Commissioned Painting If you have a specific location, family member or beloved pet or wildlife you would like to have painted you need to find […]

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Prints or Original Artwork. What is What in the World of Art

Giclee’ Prints, Artists print, Limited Editions, Open Editions Understanding the Madness of the Print Market   Art is sometimes ambiguous, but understanding what you are buying should be crystal clear. In my earlier days when […]

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Painting Workshops a Students Perspective

Saguaro Lake Ranch Painting Workshop Through the Eyes of a Workshop Student I began full of vigor. Never mind that I’d never taken a painting workshop before. (Never mind that I’m not a painter!) Here […]

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How to Choose the Right Art Workshop

Choosing the Art Workshop that’s Right for You When I was a student in college, I took two very different workshops. Both were taught by established, talented artists and I learned something from both instructors. […]

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How to Get Past Painter’s Block

When You Just Can’t Stand to Paint Every painter has been there. You’re staring at a blank canvas and nothing is coming to mind. You reach for the brushes but your muse or inspiration has […]

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