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Perspective: How to Draw a House with a Rooftop

Perspective Drawing of a House Adding the Rooftop This art tip deals with drawing a house and adding a roof. If you are not familiar with perspective please review my post covering one and two […]

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Small Painting “Colorful Sublime”

 Title “Colorful Sublime” Oil on Canvas Size: 12″ x 4″ Price $200.00 Shipping and Handling 15.00 Description This painting was inspired by many of the sunsets I have painted on throughout the years. Set in […]

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Small Painting “Lone Vigil

 Title “Lonesome Vigil” Oil on Canvas Size: 6″ x 6″ Price $130.00 Shipping and Handling 15.00 Description This painting was inspired by many of the mountain foothills I have painted on throughout the years. Set […]

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How to Draw the Head – The Basics

The Fundamentals of a Head Starting with the Classic method of Developing a Portrait from the Egg shape. Step 1 – We start with an oval or egg shape. Generally the oval is about a […]

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How-To: Collect Art

What to Look for When Buying Art   When buying art as an investment, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve all heard stories about people who collect art and have it […]

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Oil Painting: How to Buy the Right Colors

Why is Buying Oil Paints So Confusing If you have ever had a to buy oil paints, gone to the art store and found yourself  staring at the paints wondering why so few have the […]

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Painting Techniques and Tips: It’s all About the Angle

Direct Painting and All Prima Painting Insights When painting no matter how long you have done it it’s always best to remember the basics. Sometimes this doesn’t happen either because you are just learning and […]

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Oil Painting, Extended Color Palette

Sometimes More Is More Painting with a Larger Palette   As many of you who have read my blog or taken my classes know I normally encourage students to use a limited palette of colors. […]

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Mixing Colors: Tinting Strength

Mixing Colors: Tinting Strength of Colors All colors have a different tinting strength. For instance on our palette yellow have the least tinting strength you will need  more yellow(about 2/3 more than red to get […]

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