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Adventures in Plein Air Painting

Outdoor oil painting workshops in Arizona and now Idaho. What could be more fun. It’s a mini expedition with painting thrown in what could be more fun than to wander the gorgeous country of Arizona and Idaho with easel in hand creating beautiful paintings. Plein Air painting is a lot of fun you get outside into the Land and paint directly from life. The light is unique and always changing which is a challenge that is so much fun and when the day is done you have something that you created. It is very satisfying.

 Workshops 2019/2020 Calendar

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March 2020

Desert Lakes:  Mesa, Az area 6th-8th  

Salt River Valley: Mesa, Arizona, 2nd – 4th  

Superstition State Park: Mesa, Az  10th Mini   

September 2019

Sun Valley:  Sun Valley, Idaho 13th – 15th

October 2019

 Boise River:  Boise, Id 25th – 27th

             November 2019              

Sedona:  Sedona, Az Nov. 8th- 11th

Saguaro Lake Ranch:  Saguaro Lake, Az  Nov. 15th -17th

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Keep in Mind

* Students will need to find transportation to the workshop site. Maps will be provided. Students are responsible for providing their own meals and lodging. There are camping facilities nearby most of our workshop locations. For those who want to embrace the full outdoor adventure. Students will bring their own Plein Air painting supplies and easel . A list of supplies and other information is below.*

Any other questions please contact me

Painting Videos and Demonstrations

Visit my YouTube channel for more instructional art videos.

Color Mixing Video