Basic One Point and Two Point Perspective

Perspective Drawing Adds Depth To create the illusion of the 3rd dimension we need to understand how we see depth so that we can recreate it convincingly. For more than 500 years artists have used […]

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New Online Drawing Class

“Online Class “The Power of Line” Learn the Secrets of Great Drawing!! My newest online drawing class for those who need to study at their own pace cover the foundation of drawing basic 2d and […]

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Perspective: How to Draw a House with a Rooftop

Perspective Drawing of a House Adding the Rooftop This art tip deals with drawing a house and adding a roof. If you are not familiar with perspective please review my post covering one and two […]

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How To Divide Lines: The Holy Grail for Great Drawing

Proportion and Dividing Lines Dividing a Line Equally without a Ruler Anyone who has picked up a pencil and wanted to make an accurate drawing knows the most important thing is proportions. That means you […]

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Small Painting “Colorful Sublime”

┬áTitle “Colorful Sublime” Oil on Canvas Size: 12″ x 4″ Price $200.00 Shipping and Handling 15.00 Description This painting was inspired by many of the sunsets I have painted on throughout the years. Set in […]

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Small Painting “Lone Vigil

┬áTitle “Lonesome Vigil” Oil on Canvas Size: 6″ x 6″ Price $130.00 Shipping and Handling 15.00 Description This painting was inspired by many of the mountain foothills I have painted on throughout the years. Set […]

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How to Draw the Head – The Basics

The Fundamentals of a Head Starting with the Classic method of Developing a Portrait from the Egg shape. Step 1 – We start with an oval or egg shape. Generally the oval is about a […]

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How to Draw the Front View Portrait

Drawing a Portrait From The Classic “Egg” Shape Step 1 Starting with the Oval Draw in an oval. Be careful to measure the proportion of how tall the head is to how wide using a […]

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How to Draw The Eye

How to Draw a Simple Eye Eyes are one of the most important things when drawing people. Many people struggle when drawing eyes. These easy steps will help you draw eyes more accurately. Let’s start […]

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