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Drawing Tips: Using Blending Techniques with Drawing

Quick Tips:Drawing Using Templates and Masks with Smudging Some people love to smear, smudge, or soften their charcoal drawings with brushes, rags, or stomps. When smearing a drawing or applying tone with a rag or […]

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Color Mixing-How to Mix Beautiful Grays with Oil Paints

Mixing those Wonderful Grays Colors in nature are rarely straight out of the tube. Your primary and secondary colors are too intense to look natural. When painting, you are constantly modifying your colors and graying […]

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How to Get Past Painter’s Block

When You Just Can’t Stand to Paint Every painter has been there. You’re staring at a blank canvas and nothing is coming to mind. You reach for the brushes but your muse or inspiration has […]

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Improve Your Oil Painting Using a Limited Palette

Painting Tips Okay so you are a color guru right. You are very comfortable with your full palette of 26 different paint colors and all that. Wonderful now want to learn to get even more […]

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How to Clean Your Oil Paint Brushes

Cleaning Oil Brushes For anyone that has picked up an oil painting brush and used oil paint the worst thing is cleaning the brushes afterward. You can never seem to get all the crud out […]

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How to See and Interpret Color

Seeing Color with an Artist’s Eye As an artist one of the greatest challenges is color. Use of color in a painting conveys mood as well as light and value or form. I don’t want […]

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How to Oil Paint Using a Toned Canvas

Painting Quickly, Tone the Canvas     When painting in Plein Air and doing quick studies or even more finished paintings this is a technique to help color structure and make your painting stronger. Here […]

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WaterColor Technique Tip

Ideas in Watercolor: Creating Textures Instead of using salt try sprinkling wheat, rice, even confetti into a watercolor wash anything really. After it dries you will have a wonderful texture you can layer washes on […]

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My Journey to Becoming an Artist

An Interview Telling My Path to the Arts Tell us a bit about yourself. I was born and raised in the southwest deserts of Arizona. My mother is an avid folk artist and toll painter […]

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