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How to Draw a Nose

How to Draw the Nose The Nose One of the most important features of the face. The nose seems like a simple lump on the face it is often overlooked. The nose is made of […]

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How to draw the Mouth

Drawing the Features of the Face: The Mouth The Mouth One of the most important features to be able to capture on the face. They seem so simple and yet they can be challenging to draw. […]

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Thumbnails, The Key to Better Painting and Drawing

Art Tip Using Thumbnails for Planning Compositions     Thumbnails are small quick sketches. These sketches aren’t to record details, forms or depth they are for planning out the elements of your compositions and designs. […]

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Six More Plein Air Painting Tips

More Plein Air Painting Tips   Painting outdoors has many benefits as well as many challenges. Below are six tips that will help you be successful as you plein air paint. Practice these as you […]

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Six Plein Air Painting Tips

Six Tips for Painting Outdoors in the Landscape AKA Plein Air Painting 1. Take Only What You Need When painting outdoors you want to take only the necessary items. The fewer paints, brushes, paint thinner, […]

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Improve Your Painting, Avoid 5 Common Mistakes

  5 Ways to Improve Your Paintings, Mistakes to Avoid 1. Not Covering the Entire Canvas with Paint before Finishing off Areas You can’t see the value and color relationships in a painting unless all […]

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Five Ways to Improve Your Drawings

Another 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Drawings By popular demand I am including another 5 ways to improve your drawing. 1. Loosen Up- Drawing shouldn’t be stiff,  it should be “controlled” when starting out the […]

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5 Most Common Drawing Mistakes

5 Most Common Drawing Mistakes When you are starting out with anything there is a learning curve. There are common mistakes that all beginners make that can slow down your progress with drawing. Don’t worry […]

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Why and How to Use Watercolor Mediums

Watercolor using Distilled water and Mediums    So with watercolor painting for some reason there is a lot of misinformation out there and other information that is completely lacking. Three of the most misunderstood subjects […]

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