How to Draw The Eye

How to Draw a Simple Eye

Eyes are one of the most important things when drawing people. Many people struggle when drawing eyes. These easy steps will help you draw eyes more accurately. Let’s start with the basic angle in the top lid.

Step 1 – The Top lid is comprised of 3 main angles. The innermost angle from the tear duct is usually the most extreme angle. Each person’s eye and therefore the angles are different. Practice looking for the 3 angles while drawing several different eyes.eye step 1 smallestStep 2 – The Tear duct is a trapezoid or modified triangle shape. Everyone’s tear duct shapes are different. So analyze the shape of the person’s tear duct. It’s an important feature of the eye.

eye step 2 smallest
Step 3– The top lid is comprised of two main angles. The first angle at the lid wraps around the eyeball is the most the second is softer at it connects to the tear duct.

eye step 3 smallest
Step 4 – Round your angles and make them soft arcs. Then there are just a few more things to remember. The lids have a thickness. This gives volume and depth to your eye. The how much of the thickness of the eye you see can indicate the angle you are viewing the eye at, this eye below is being seen from straight on. If I was looking down on someone I wouldn’t see the thickness of the top lid. If I was looking up at a person I would see more of the top lid thickness and less of or even none of the bottom lid.step 4 smallest
Step 5– The eye’s top and bottom lid have a thickness that shows the skin wrapping the eyeball. Again this gives shape and form to the eye. Look of the fold. The top lid fold is always darker than the lower one. If you are not careful the person will look like they haven’t slept in weeks.

eye step 5 smallest
Step 6 – Putting it all together. Next try putting in the values and you will have a very convincing eye. I will cover a more advanced explanation of drawing the eye in coming articles. The steps above are the most basic ideas to consider when drawing the eye.

eye step 6 smallestI will add posts on shading an eye, basic eye anatomy, and drawing a more advanced eye.

Video on Drawing the Eye: The Basic Ideas of Drawing

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