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Which Color is That Warm or Cool

Is That Color Warm or Cold You hear a lot about the terms warm or cool colors. There is a broad definition and a more detailed explanation for warm and cool colors. The basic definition […]

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Oil Painting, Color and Intensity Scales

The Chroma Scale Chroma is an important aspect of Color. Remember chroma and intensity mean the same thing, it is how bright or dull a color appears. By having a variety of intensities with your […]

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How to Mix Color:Mixing with Tertiary Colors

Controlling Color Using Tertiary Colors Control your mixtures with a better understanding of the color wheel . Most colors of a painting are not colors right out of the tube. They have to be modified. As the artist […]

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How to Mix Color: Color Characteristics

Color and It’s Multiple Personalities   Color is has three very distinct personalities or characteristics. This is why color has so much complexity however by understanding these aspects of color and how to identify them […]

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How to Control Color Mixes

Mixing Grays with Triadic Colors Control your mixtures with a better understanding of the colorwheel Greyed or colors of lower intensity are important way of controlling you color. The more intense colors catch more attention […]

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How to Create Depth in Your Landscape Oil Painting

Creating Depth in Your Artwork   Looking at many of the paintings of the great masters, I am amazed at the feeling of depth. Rembrandt painted scenes which appear as if you could reach right […]

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How to Plein Air Paint: What Oil Paint Color to Use

Plein Air and Outdoor Painting Approaches My Outdoor Painting Palette There are many great painting palettes. Certain palettes favor earth tones, others favor warm or cool color mixtures. I have used many different palettes, but […]

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Painting Mixing Clean Color Every Time

Painting Approaches: Mixing with a Brush and Keeping Your Color Mixtures Clean You’re painting that wonderful masterpiece. You just painted some wonderful deep shadows in the foreground and decide to work on the sky. You […]

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Color Mixing-How to Mix Beautiful Grays with Oil Paints

Mixing those Wonderful Grays Colors in nature are rarely straight out of the tube. Your primary and secondary colors are too intense to look natural. When painting, you are constantly modifying your colors and graying […]

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