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Make a Great Drawing Board

Drawing Board the Foundation For a Great Drawing Drawing Boards are great supports for doing solid drawings. You can go to an art store to and purchase one for 10.00 – 25.00 or you can […]

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New Methods to Try: Scratch Boards

Scratch Boards Great Way to Reverse Your Thinking Working from White to Black What are they? Scratch boards have been in use since the 19th century and were often used to make pieces of art […]

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Drawing Approaches

Quick Tips: Reductive Drawing Reductive drawing is a great way to create a drawing. It gets you away from thinking about lines and helps you focus on value, tone, and shape. To create a reductive […]

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Technical Corner:Drawing Papers Which Ones to Use

Quick Tips: Drawing Papers To preserve the life of your drawing be sure to use papers that are 100% cotton rag. Most of these types of papers will be watercolor and printmaking papers. I prefer […]

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Drawing Tips: Using Blending Techniques with Drawing

Quick Tips:Drawing Using Templates and Masks with Smudging Some people love to smear, smudge, or soften their charcoal drawings with brushes, rags, or stomps. When smearing a drawing or applying tone with a rag or […]

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