How-To: Quality Art Supplies for Less

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Where to Buy Art Supplies and save Money

Yes, that title was read correctly. While the differences aren’t colossal, the differences add up as project after project after projects require supplies. And the less you pay for those supplies, the more of the money you actually make can be used for that other stuff…like… food.

Back in the day, the main options you had were either mail order or retail. Now, thanks to the internet, these aren’t your only two options. In fact, the internet is a fantastic resource for wholesale art supplies.

Wholesale is different from retail in one crucial way: you don’t have a business that needs to make enough to both buy more supplies (plus shipping and handling) and then pay for other things, like employees, all while trying to turn some sort of profit.

Another bonus about buying online: no gas money on your part has to be spent driving to the nearest store! Instead, one can order quickly within a small series of clicks and after the appropriate amount of time…voila! There are the needed supplies at your door for your next few projects.

Some places I personally like to go to are
1. Jerry’s Artarama
2. Dick Blick
3. Utrecht

How to Oil Paint Using a Toned Canvas

Painting Quickly, Tone the Canvas

Kevin McCain Painting Canyon Lake

When painting in Plein Air and doing quick studies or even more finished paintings this is a technique to help color structure and make your painting stronger. Here is what you do:

1. Get a large brush one that will cover your canvas quickly.

2. Mix up a brown or use burnt umber than thin it down to the consistency of heavy cream.

3. Apply it over the surface of the canvas thinly(not the full strength of the color). Tint the white of the canvas.

4. Now use mix a darker brown and draw in your scene.

5. Now for each object quickly paint in the light and shadow sides of your objects.Using simple shapes.

6.Now develop your objects by adding the color nuances and more complex shapes or details and finish you painting.

Here is what this technique does for you first it kills the white of you canvas so you don’t have any specs of white showing through your finished painting. Also since you are mixing all your colors into a brown it have less of a chance of creating color structure problems in your paintings. There are many variations to toned canvas techniques this is just one of many.

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