May 2016

 North Rim Grand Canyon, Arizona

May 16th – 18th

Paint at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has inspired the imagination through out time. This spectacular creation of nature has inspired artists for as long as man has been able to make marks. I love the mystique and grandeur of the Canyon. The colors are amazing. The scenery is awe inspiring. Come and spend four days of touring and painting the south rim of one of this nations most beloved landmarks. Come visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon it’s less crowded more rustic and even more beautiful. Join for this extraordinary workshop.

This 4 day workshop we will explore the fundamentals of Plein Air painting. Lectures and demonstrations will all take place outside and in the landscape. That is the best venue to discuss painting. Surrounded by what we will be painting. Using a limited palette and simplification of the landscape in both color and shape to create a convincing painting of the scene. Learn to see in shape and value instead of line and detail. Learn to use value and color to depict three dimensional space or depth. We will explore using larger brushes and economy of brushstrokes to work more quickly and accurately.

Class will start at 8:00 am where we will meet for a and go to 12:00 pm when we will break for lunch. We will continue to paint at 1:00 and continue through 5:00 pm.

*There is a $25.00 park fee that the students are responsible for covering*

Student’s level of experience: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

Tuition: $375.00 for 3 days

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Students are responsible for art supplies, food, lodging and transportation to the workshop

Supplies List and Other Useful Information

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Plein Air workshop supplies list

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